I confess that I try with all my might not to write about it. About stopping for a few minutes a day, taking a deep breath, maybe looking at the sky, and thinking, when will it be?

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I confess that I try with all my might not to write about it. About stopping for a few minutes a day, taking a deep breath, maybe looking at the sky, and thinking, when will it be? The wait for a cure, a new time, the rooted love, the light as you walk, the eternal glow of a life that will only remember the wait that is over.

Do not wait, live! - Say the stage motivators, but ah! Who can defend me from asking myself several times a month when it will end? When are you leaving? The wait is not my best friend, I don't want her here anymore. I want her away from me.

Because it hurts yes, it does not come to tell me that passing merthiolate cures and that when getting married will heal. The wait hurts, hurts, rips us off so many moments we wanted to be smiling, holding hands walking in a square, far away from waiting, or looking around and waiting for her to finally leave, and leave that time of life we ​​had dreamed so much. finally happen.

I have even come to the conclusion that things don't hurt. What hurts is the wait. The headache, for example, the most simple and infamous pain, only hurts while we wait for the painkiller's effect to pass. It only hurts while we wait for the answer, the diagnosis, the cure. She is to blame for everything. GO UGLY! It hurts while there are no answers, it hurts until surgery, and well, until it heals. It hurts when the pain doesn't want to go away and waiting hurts. If there was no waiting there would be pain? There is one more philosophical question. Just like waiting, everyone lives, but no one understands.

It hurts, it really hurts. I'm not here to say it doesn't hurt or there are any palliative actions.

We'll cry, kick, kick the wall, watch series, read books, or eat a lot just to forget that the wait is right outside the bedroom door. And you know, allow yourself to be angry, okay? Give some screams! Curses her! Blame her. Ask the questions you want to ask. Because with me? Why doesn't it end? What did I do? Because it was only when Job began to wonder that God appeared to answer. It was when Job started to want answers that the wait started to go away because you know, darling, we need to doubt the wait sometimes, put her to run, because it could be that she should have left, but we left she stay, take root and settle down.


Just remember that in the face of waiting, whether yours, short or long, you are not alone, the Holy Ghost Comforter is with you, so when the tears come you know? When does despair strike? Call him closer, do not hesitate to say: Holy Spirit you are welcome here, come flooding fill this place. There are no recipes, no steps, no tips, waiting is what will happen to everyone and shaping everyone, but it will end, exchange today the hope for hope, the hope in Jesus who sent us the beloved CONSULTANT, for Him You don't have to wait, He's with us till the end of time.

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