The God who made the fingerprints also made time for each of us

Wouldn't the God who made different prints also make time for each one? Of course!

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God is amazing isn't it? He never set the same road for anyone. He never planned the same way for two humans. Wouldn't the God who made different prints also make time for each of us? Of course!

You know me, you know that I don't want you to learn from my path here on earth, which I don't keep saying, follow these and these steps to find your great love, to succeed in everyday life, to enrich yourself with books - this path I haven't even found it yet - because I've learned that my path will never be the same as yours. That my expectation and discoveries will be different from yours, I have learned that if He made us different fingerprints, one for each little finger, would do much more, would design a path of love for His personalized heart.

So relax. Did someone get married before you? Different fingerprints. Has anyone been to Paris before? Different fingerprints. Rest assured, everything has a time, and each has its own. Think to me, not even the trees are alike, they may even look alike, we are similar to one or another person out there, but we are endlessly different.

Our father did not draw a plan, did not make a matrix, did not create a mold, did not draft, did not use copies, He made you, He stopped everything and made you, by the way, before you were you, He thought of you, and He created your time, your story, your journey, and they, the fingerprints together. So take a deep breath, He's really taking care of everything. THE GOD THAT CREATED THE UNIVERSE KNOWS YOU AND ALL YOUR DIGITALS.

Stop comparing yourself to Instagram influencers. They make money and live the stuff of traveling back and forth because we keep comparing ourselves to them every day. They go to Chile with the money of our disappointment, to think that God loves them more than us, they get rich and they go to Miami because we think we can mirror ourselves in the lives and seasons they live. Come with me? Let's live our lives there, our fingerprints differ, our emotions are transcendent to those posted on Instagram.

Before listening to one more podcast about the “five steps to finding the love of your life”, or studying the “successful path of a millionaire” or even watching a video that talks about “the seven pillars for a deep relationship with God” remember that if you give your whole heart to God, He will walk the steps, pillars, and paths for you. Pray and trust that God may not have created steps, but a race, or perhaps a leap. parachute, it may be that your life is much more exciting than walking in someone else's footsteps.

Do not try to get into a mold that not even God made for you.

Don't keep raising expectations of living the life He knows is not the best for you. Do not try to write a story based on the real facts of other people's lives. Pray in peace and remember, the God who made different fingerprints - just to remind you - and who also knows the exact number of hairs you have, made a time, a story, a journey for me and you, and when we stop living for others, we will be happier with what has been tailored for each of us.

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