It hurts right? Good thing it's over.

I really try to protect my heart from many things, but don't there some things that just seem to make us helpless?

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I really try to protect my heart from many things, but don't there some things that just seem to make us helpless?

I couldn't defend myself from the eyes, the voice or the smell, or those promises, oh, the promises, I've talked about it a lot. I learned from an early age that we keep the promises we make.

Oh, it hurts right? It hurts to be left behind, it hurts to be replaceable. It hurts to see that photo of the new couple pass on your timeline because some friend - friend - liked it.

It hurts to remember, it hurts to forget. It's not an extreme or eternal pain, it's more like sporadic pokes, like when you step on a bug without realizing it and soon it will hurt.

It hurts, it hurts, it doesn't have to hide. No one has to pretend it doesn't hurt. No one needs to smile and say, "Able, I don't even remember."

Remember, don't lie to me, I'm an expert at that. I always stay behind. Or forward, go know.

It does not enter my mind, and I sincerely hope that it never comes in, this fact of saying things that will not happen. Yours I want I say yes, if I don't want it I say no, is it a human thing? Should not. It should be a pet thing.

It hurts like a carie. It hurts like a pimple, yuck! It really hurts, until it starts or until it bursts. May our hearts break.

Oh Jesus, it hurts right? It hurts you to say that you will seek God in a year of your life and that you do not want to compromise with anyone and midway through the year to go hand in hand with someone else. It hurts you to say that you don't want anyone else in your life and suddenly you're in the mall eating MC.

Ah, it hurts, okay? But pass - T-H-A-N-K-S-G-O-D. Really, hallelujah! It passes like a long sigh, it passes like the cloud cloud, it passes like the garbage truck, by the way, you go along with it. FROG!

It hurts ok? But thank you, hurting makes us stronger, makes us masters in knowing the truth with just one look, the lie with just the voice. It makes us lighter because we learn to love each other first, it makes us such a little person that here I will call: ~ people who have learned to overcome trash.

Will it hurt like a bug in the foot yet? Maybe, but it's pretty easy to boot and throw away. Good thing it is over.

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