"You have the freedom to BEND YOUR KNEES AND TALK TO
THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, is there anything else you could really want? "

- ivan bittencourt jr

Dust Servants Children

Before God you don't have a microphone, or a book, or pens or musical instruments. For God you are not a gift, a calling or a mission. Don't try to live in front of him as if you were something you could or could do, for Him you are just a
beloved child, as if the word "one" fit in the sentence: beloved child of God in whom He rejoices. Just remember that, God declared his kindness as a son before Jesus even before he did any miracle or sign, much less sacrifice, before everything He could do, he was already loved, just as you are.
ISBN 9788569240259
100 Pages - Editora Doze 2
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