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seeking God through psalms and proverbs

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What to do while He is not here yet?

Be salt and light. Influence the environment you live in. Be simple as a dove. Be smart as a snake. Take His love as best you know. Have fun in the process.



Pés Descalço - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Bare feet
1st edition
Hey, Panda, Vamos Fugir - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Hey Panda, Let's Run Away?
Hey, Panda, eu ainda te amo - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Hey Panda, I still love you
I was wanting to love
Bare feet
2nd Edition
You'll be loved
Pés Descalços 2° Edição - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Você vai Ser Amada - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Tava Querendo Amar - Ivan Bittencourt Jr
Dust Servants Children
Bare feet
2nd Edition


Lançamento do livro Pó Servos Filhos
Mesa AGES vai à Feira: Escrever Literatura em novas mídias
Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul
39° Feira do Livro de Camaquã
MESA A Literatura e a Rede | 32° Feira do Livro de Santa Cruz do Sul
Santa Cruz do Sul


I am dust, servant, son, and everything God wants to talk about love.

My dream was to be an example but I realized that my calling is to have faith.

Faith in love, faith in people, faith in myself in the midst of an evil world.

I was born and live in the city of Guaíba / RS. In 2015 I published by Chiado publisher my first book, Barefoot, and in 2016 the second book “Hey, Panda, Let's Run” which in 2017 won the expected continuation with the book “Hey, Panda, I still love you”. In 2018 came the "I Was Wanting to Love".

In my books, videos, blog, and social networks, I try to take us on a journey about the lightness of life and the simplicity of happiness.

If I ever dreamed of being a writer? No. Never, ever ...

But that's the way God showed me to share love.

I really believe him (for real), that love forever you know? Because after we dive into the ocean of the grace of Christ's love, we cannot accept another kind of love that does not mirror Him.

After that came the projects Find Help, Help Others, To Take The Love and You'll Be Loved, among so many dreams. Come on, let's travel together?

Closer to the heart of the Father.



Buy my books at Editora Doze 2 and Chiado Books
Tel: +5551 993595205
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